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How A Doorframe Can Help Your Golf Swing

By Keely Levins Learn how to turn back, not sway. Let’s talk about hip turn. James Kinney, one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers and Director of Instruction at GolfTec Omaha, says that from the data GolfTec has collected, they’ve found lower handicap golfers have a more centered lower body at the top of the swing. Meaning, […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s Why We LOVE Golf:

It’s not quite golf season across the entire country, but we do know that everyone across the country is thinking about golf, golf season, and just how much they love playing golf. Here we offer the 12 reasons we all love golf: Golf promotes freedom on a playing field with few boundaries. What other game […]

We are Open for Play Today!

Otter Creek Golf Course is open today! Otter Creek is going to be open today, Monday, February 4th! Keep an eye out for updates on the rest of the week as daily course play will depend on the amount of rainfall. Call for Tee Times – (812) 579-5227